Suffer from migraines?

ABC features several interviews with people who suffered from debilitating migraines and how they have found relief due to Atlas Orthogonal treatments. This special goes into detail about how simply re-aligning the spine can be tremendous help to those who suffer from migraines.

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Our Technique

Atlas Orthogonality is a system of adjusting subluxations of the cervical spine by means of its uppermost vertebra (C1 AKA the "atlas").  The Atlas Orthogonal Program was developed with specificity in mind.  An Atlas Orthogonal Doctor of Chiropractic uses special X-ray views to determine the extent and direction of spinal misalignment. Information from the X-rays determines how the Doctor will adjust the spinal segment.

The actual adjustment is performed by an Atlas Orthogonal Percussion Adjusting Instrument.  The instrument works by percussion - a sound wave - and the bone is gently restored to its' normal position.In the game of pool (billiards) - if you have two balls sitting side by side and a third ball strikes one of the two, the ball being struck remains still while the one not struck rolls away - this is percussion; the Atlas Orthogonal Percussion Adjusting Instrument works on this same principle. 


Dr. Maggie Sellers is a graduate of Palmer College with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree as well as earning honors as a Presidential Scholar.  Dr. Sellers graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

While at Palmer College, Dr. Sellers performed an externship with highly recognized Dr. Troy A. Hagen, Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist and has worked with her mentor, Dr. Amy S. Osenbaugh, also Board Certified in Atlas Orthogonal.

Dr. Sellers also took part in extra studies with the developer of the Atlas Orthogonal Technique, Dr. Roy W. Sweat and his son, Dr. Matthew H. Sweat in Atlanta, Georgia.  

After suffering debilitating chronic pain, neuralgia, and balance issues, Montel Willilams was finally able to find a solution. That solution? Atlas Orthogonal!

About the Doctor

Jim McMahon walks through his battle with the symptoms of concussion. Check out the pre and post MRI studies of Jim brain! These results are possible due to Atlas Orthogonal treatment.

  • Stretching
  • Why chiropractic works
  • Wellness strategies
  • Sleeping for health​ 
  •  Nagging neck pain
  • Fighting migraines
  • Dealing with fatigue
  • Benefits of massage


Watch as  “The Doctors” on CBS  airs an episode on a traumatic injury and why Atlas Orthogonal was described as “miracle solution for neck pain.”


Good Morning American shares new research by The University of Chicago Medical School that explores a dramatic decrease in blood pressure without the use of prescription drugs.

  1. Nagging neck pain
  2. Dealing with fatigue
  3. The miracle of the spine
  4. Sleeping for health